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School Admission: Freshers’ Guide To Resumption & Registration

This might probably be stale gist for returning students or stallites as they are popularly called, but this article should be helpful to the newly admitted students that are more or less strangers to higher institution matters.

This article will guide those newbies in going through resumption hula baloo and at the same time balance their academic activities. Here is a breakdown of those things you should or shouldn’t do when resuming into any institution…in no particular order

First thing is; Do stick to screening schedule: Most institutions now have a schedule for every registration exercise. Be it Medical screening, collection of ID cards, verification of certificates amongst others and they make this schedule by department, colleges, faculties as the case may be. This they do in order to ensure that there is orderliness and that every admitted student gets his/her own chance at a particular date that would have been announced prior to that date. As a fresher all you have to do is take note of these dates and ensure nothing disturbs you from making that date. Yes, there may be make up for that date but it would have disturbed lots of other things you might want to do.

Do not Miss lectures: Yes you might think this is highly improbable, but Im telling you it is not impossible. Just start your registration as soon as it commences and be diligent with it. There is always time between registration and resumption of lectures though it might be unrealistic even for the school but you should be almost done before lectures begin. Lectures missed leaves you with notes unwritten. Writing of notes later, if not done immediately tends to be worrisome especially for those that procrastinate. Asides from the psychological effect it has on you that you have left things undone, it will only occur to you later when Continuous Assessment Tests start crawling up on you. Most students leave classrooms immediately they hear that a screening is taking place and they don’t want to miss it. Unless for scheduled screening, there is always a time or day that you will be free of lecture. Take this day to do it.

Do Arrive Early: When you arrive at a screening/ registration venue, you will be at the beginning of the queue and you will be attended to early enough giving you enough time to proceed to some other parts of your registration before the work day ends. You may choose to do it one per day e.g. you want to do medicals today, collect your ID card tomorrow etc.. just make sure you arrive early for whatever you want to do.

Last but not the least – Do make your school fees and acceptance fees payment early: This might not be easy on students that are self – sponsored, but whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. When you make your payments early enough, you can proceed to other stages in your registration process, Most school don’t allow you to ove further in your registration as you would need to tender receipts for acceptance and school fees….at least.

There might be other things that might have been missed/omitted in this write up but these few points should help in some ways.

Wishing you a happy resumption!!!

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