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Common Misconceptions About NOUN

It is clear now that there are a few conveniently omitted pieces of important on the National Open University website. Some of these information might be considered minor while others might be considered a bit more important as they WILL affect your decision to attend the National Open University or otherwise. Here are a few common misconceptions about NOUN:

Common misconceptions about NOUN, How To Pass NOUN Examinations

1. Everything Is Online, Quick & Easy

Wrong! initially while you are reading up about NOUN trying to decide if it is a good fit for your schedule because you have a day job and what not, you are led to believe that you can absolutely do everything online quick and easy and face your work full time. It is sad, but it is not. There are endless forms and files you will have to submit. An erroneous list of documents to sign and stamp from one counselors office to another admin officers table. It can get frustrating if you are not prepared to do the heavy lifting.

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