NOUN Academic Calendar for 2018 Academic Year [Updated]

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) academic calendar for the 2018 academic year has been released. The management of the University has uploaded the calendar to the official website. All students can go online to check.

The calendar indicates the activities of the University (both ongoing and future), the possible duration of the stated events, and block dates for all the stated activities.

NOUN Academic Calendar

The Full 2018 NOUN Academic Calendar Session

Students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) should endeavour to check the calendar and be conversant with its activities for better productivity through out the academic session. The NOUN 2017/2018 Session Academic Calendar is displayed below:

NOUN Adjustment of the 2018 Academic Calender

1Registration of Courses/Examinations begin3rd  September, 2018
21st TMA20th September, 2018
32nd TMA10th October, 2018
43rd TMA20th October, 2018
5All TMA end November 3, 2018
6POP Examination begins


2nd November, 2018
7POP Examination ends22nd November, 2018
8Preparation for e-Examination beginsNovember22-25, 2018
9E-Examination begins26th November, 2018
10E-Examination Ends15th December, 2018

We wish you the very best in the school!!!

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