NOUN Academic Calendar For 2017/2018 Academic Session

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) academic calendar for the 2017/2018 academic session has been released. The management of the University has uploaded the calendar to the official website. All students can go online to check.

The calendar indicates the activities of the University (both ongoing and future), the possible duration of the stated events, and block dates for all the stated activities.

NOUN Academic Calendar

The Full 2017/18 NOUN Academic Calendar Session

Students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) should endeavour to check the calendar and be conversant with its activities for better productivity through out the academic session. The NOUN 2017/18 Session Academic Calendar is displayed below:


         MonthActivityPossible DurationBlock Dates
January, 2018Senate 11th January, 2018
JanuaryConvocation 19th – 20th January, 2018
JanuaryPOP Examination begins9 weeks23rd  January, 2018
JanuaryPOP Examination ends13th February, 2018
JanuaryPreparation for e-Examination begins17th February, 2018
JanuaryMarking of POP begins19th February, 2018
FebruaryPreparation for e-Examination ends19th February, 2018
Februarye-Examination begins20th February, 2018
FebruarySubmission of TMA ends28th February, 2018***
Marche-Examination ends16th March, 2018
MarchMarking of POP ends16th March, 2018
MarchRegistration of Courses/Examinations begin4 weeks19th March, 2018
MarchCollation of POP & e-Exam results end 22nd March, 2018
MarchInaugural Lecture March, 2018
MarchSenate March, 2018
MarchRelease of Results 30th March,  2018
AprilRegistration of Courses/Examinations end 18th April, 2018
April1st TMA2 weeks19th April, 2018
AprilFacilitation commences10 weeks19th April, 2018
May2nd TMA2 weeks3rd  May, 2018
MayIT/SIWES supervision4 weeks3rd  May – 2nd  June, 2018
MayInaugural Lecture May, 2018
MaySenate May, 2018
MayOrientation of Fresh Students 16th  – 18th May, 2018
MayMatriculation Ceremony  May, 2018
May3rd TMA 16th May, 2018
May4th TMA 29th May, 2018
JuneFacilitation ends 28th June,  2018
JulyPOP Examination begins9 weeks2nd July, 2018
JulyPOP Examination ends 27th July, 2018
JulyPreparation for e-Examination begins 30th  July, 2018
JulyMarking of POP Examination begins 30th  July, 2018
AugustIT/SIWES Supervision4 weeks4th August, 2018 – 3rdSept., 2018
AugustE-Examination begins 6th August, 2018
AugustMarking of POP Ends 20th August, 2018
SeptemberE-Examination Ends 7th September, 2018
SeptemberCollation of POP & e-Exam results end 10th September, 2018
SeptemberInaugural Lecture September, 2018
SeptemberSenate September, 2018
SeptemberRelease of Result 25th September, 2018
SeptemberRegistration of Courses/Examinations begin2 weeks27th September, 2018
September1st TMA 27th September, 2018
SeptemberFacilitation commences 28th September, 2018
October2nd TMA 10th October, 2018
OctoberRegistration of Courses/Examination end 10th October, 2018
OctoberOrientation of fresh students 17th – 19th October, 2018
OctoberMatriculation 20th October, 2018
OctoberFacilitation ends 20th October, 2018
October3rd TMA 22nd October, 2018
OctoberPOP Examination begins 23rd October, 2018
November4th TMA 4th November, 2018
NovemberPOP Examination ends 16th November, 2018
NovemberPreparation for e-Examination begins 16th November, 2018
NovemberMarking of POP Examination begins 16th November, 2018
NovemberE-Examination begins 23rd November, 2018
DecemberMarking of POP Ends 6th December, 2018
DecemberE-Examination Ends 19th December, 2018
DecemberCollation of POP & e-Exam results end 21st December, 2018
DecemberInaugural Lecture December
DecemberSenate December
DecemberRelease of Result 31st December, 2018
JanuaryRegistration of Courses/Examinations begin 7th January, 2019

We wish you the very best in the school!!!

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