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Correcting the Flaws in Contemporary Education System

Even though we live in modern times where the emphasis on education and learning is huge, yet the education system has numerous flaws that affect the learning process. To a large extent, it is designed to control the way students think and to manage their learning aspects. This has done more damage than good because it has made the schools increasingly distant from education, whereas their prime focus should be to provide high-quality learning. This article discusses the shortcomings of the conventional system of education and proposes strategies to improve the quality of instruction and optimize students’ learning and performance assessment.

Here’s What’s Wrong with the Modern Education System

Most students are overloaded with work because schools are substituting effective teaching with long assignments and projects. They have to handle a lot of papers simultaneously that is a potential challenge per se. They are not left with any time to refresh their minds and indulge in activities creatively. Hence, students find no room to gain learning through experience. While the goal of education is to promote lifelong learning, most essay writer tasks, terms, and projects emphasize the students to store the knowledge in their short-term memory.

Students are required to cram up a lot of text to do well in the exams, as most questions are lengthy. While such exercises improve the memorization of a student, learners need more creative and innovative methods of performance assessment to reach their optimal potential. Learning long pieces of text by heart is not important in the digital age. The knowledge is available everywhere and is accessible with a click on the keyboard. While educators should make the students familiar with the history and comprehensive theories, their focus also needs to be on the improvement of the critical thinking ability of the students.

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Most schools start early in the morning and continue up till the afternoon. Students have to attend one lecture after another in the same position and place in the classroom. This continuous and monotonous routine inherently creates disinterest in the studies. Many students cannot pay attention to the content being taught because they are overcome by sleep. They feel lazy and cannot fight the battle against dizziness in the classroom.

Flaws in Contemporary Education System

Suitable Strategies to Improve Performance Assessment

A good learner can solve real problems in practical life. People should be educated and trained to think constructively and creatively so that they can apply cost-effective and best solutions to real-life problems in work situations. It takes a lot of work on the part of the teachers as well. It is easier to ask the students to write the definition of a term or discuss the points of a leader’s speech in the exam. But it takes more work and effort to develop scenarios and situations and ask the students to find solutions to the problems presented in the case using the concepts learned in the class.

Many students find comprehensive exams taxing and unnecessary. A suitable alternative to lengthy questions is multiple-choice questions. They are easier to create as well as check for the teachers. On the other hand, a student can mostly only pick the correct option if he/she has clear concepts. To make the performance assessment more genuine and transparent, teachers may increase the number of choices for the answer to each question. This will reduce the possibility for a student to click the correct option by chance. As a result, only those students will achieve high scores who know the answers and the method to work them out.

The problem of laziness and sleepiness can be resolved by providing the students with opportunities to warm up and be active. Every school should have a “game” period every day in addition to the recess-break. Physical activity is not only important for bodily health and fitness, but also for the optimization of an individual’s ability to learn and participate in the classroom. Students become agile and active because of which they can concentrate on the lectures better and interact with each other productively.

Improving Education Is Indeed Challenging for the Schools

Inculcating and assessing the analytical skills of students involves a lot of work. Schools need more teachers with fewer students in every classroom so that every student can get individualized care and attention. Arranging funds for such an education system is the prime challenge for the schools. Nevertheless, it is time for the schools to start making progress in this direction.

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