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Items You Should Take To NYSC Camp [Personal Needs]

There are some important things or items you should take to NYSC camp if you are going for the orientation course. Every year, the authorities of the National Youth Service Corps mobilize graduates of Nigerian tertiary institutions in batches to serve the Nation. The NYSC year starts with a camping or orientation programme of 3 weeks where you are prepared and “conditioned” for the service year.

When going to the NYSC camp, there are several items you need to take along, in order to enjoy the 3 weeks. Many of the NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria are nothing to write home about.

Abuja NYSC Camp

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Conditions of NYSC Orientation Camps In Nigeria

A good number of them don’t have standard toilet and bathrooms. The halls you are given to sleep in some are infested with mosquitoes. You even get as much as a hundred room mates in some (like Oyo State, where I served). The food? Let’s not even go there.

Why not prepare yourself for all these things and make the NYSC camp and enjoyable one and something to look back on and smile about. If you are good to go with that, continue reading.

Compulsory Items & Documents For NYSC Camp Registration

There are compulsory items such as your certificates and documents you have to take to complete your registration. Without all those documents, you cannot be allowed admission into the camp. So, you have to take these things along to NYSC camp.

Items & Things To Take To NYSC Camp [Personal Needs]

You need to take your own personal vest, shorts and other kits to the NYSC camp. The last time I checked, the kit given at NYSC camps usually have one problem or the other. If the quality of the material is okay, you might not get your size. Even if you get what you like, it is advisable to get your own along. I will explain the reasons for this in the next two paragraphs.

NYSC will give you 1 NYSC Crested Vest, A pair of Khaki Trousers, Cap and Jacket, 2 White T-shirts, 2 Pairs of Knickers, 2 pairs of Stockings, A Pair of Yellow Jungle Boots and One Pair of White Converse. A “Belt” is also included. I put the belt in quote because I don’t see it as a belt. It’s just a piece of cloth with metal attached to its ends.

One might think that these kit given by NYSC should be sufficient, yes it is possible. The only problem with that is that your first week at the NYSC camp is full of drills and tedious exercises. You wake up early and sleep late. Therefore, you may not even have time to wash. Taking extra vests and shorts along will really ave you all the stress.

All through your stay in the NYSC Camp, you will only be allowed to wear your white T-shirts and Knickers, except during ceremonies when you are allowed to wear the crested vest and the khaki Jacket and trousers. So, what do I advise? The kit you should take to NYSC camp should contain the following.

Clothes You Should Take To The NYSC Camp

Get those fitted LUX, CHASE DEER, MACHO brands of T-shirts with you. Remember to buy only the white colour. You may also not like the white converse that will be given to you (always ugly), so buy a fancy one along (White). Also, go to the NYSC with some clothes (one or two will be fine unless you don’t plan on going back home soon). These clothes will be useful in case you need to go to Mosque on a Friday or Church on a Sunday.

They do sell these items at the Camp market (Mami market) but it is advisable to take it along to the camp. You know why? They are very expensive at the MAMI MARKET.

You should also endeavour to get a WAIST POUCH (you should make this top of the list of things to take to NYSC orientation camp). You need this waist pouch to keep your valuables like cash, phones, and other stuffs while you are outside your room. You don’t want to keep things like these in your rooms and get them stolen. Unless maybe your state has a camp with good rooms where you have your own cupboards with locks.

If you have a Smartphone with great camera, that’s good for you because you can easily take and share photos on social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even SnapChat. If you want to go a bit of old school and want to have hard copies of pictures, you will have to pay some guys on camp who do that as business. They will give you a tag to identify you, they follow you around and snap you wherever you go. They will charge you a fee for the whole duration of the camping. They should give you all your photos and videos in CDs at the end of NYSC Camping.

Sometimes, the full NYSC regalia given to you may be too big for you. You can slim-fit them in the camp market. They can charge you from N1500 upwards to slim-fit your Khaki Top and trousers alone. Take some MONEY with you. Things are quite expensive at the MAMI MARKET.

Other things you may need there

You should also take a MOSQUITO NET along with you- You know why! You can take things like Bucket, Sponge Case, etc. along if you can. You would normally get these things in the Mami market but they will cost you more than taking them with you. It is a thing needed during preparation for NYSC camp.

NYSC Camp Needs - Mosquito Net to NYSC Camp

If you don’t want to take too much load with you because of ease of transportation, then your best option is to buy things at the Mami market. So take enough money with you to the camp.

Items You Should Not Take To NYSC Camp

Items you don’t take to the camp include pressing iron, knife, fork, tin cutter, etc. They will be seized and returned to you only on the last day of camping. I was told this is a security measure. And sincerely, they don’t fall under things need at NYSC Orientation Camp.

Feeding and Eating Schedule At NYSC Camp

Food is provided to everyone three times a day in the camp. I won’t lie to you, the food there is nothing to write home about. They can be nice on some days but generally, they are poor (that’s my own view though). If you are someone like me who loves to eat good food, make provisions for your own food (beverages and breakfast cereals especially). You should also go to the NYSC camp with extra cash to eat at the Mami market. You will get good foods there.

I hope this have been able to solve some of your questions. If there is something you think is missing on this list, please help add it using the comment section. We will also add it to this article. These are things I believe are needed during preparation for NYSC camp.

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