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NIMC Aptitude Test Questions Format, Answers & Procedures

This is just for information purpose only and this post is only meant to guide candidates that will be writing the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Aptitude Test for NIMC Recruitment 2012/2013. Some people have already done their own tests and some of the candidates were able to share with us what the questions look like (format) which we have been able to get answers to.

The candidates also shared with us the procedures before and after the examination.

NIMC aptitude test is a Computer Based Test (CBT), the test is composed of Objective questions containing 15 quantitative, 15 verbal, 10 logic, 10 current affairs. These questions are to be completed in 50 minutes.

This is not a sort of expo and don’t expect these same questions in your test. These are just some of the questions readers that have done the test shared with us and they might never be repeated.

NIMC Aptitude Test Questions Format, Answers:

1.)  A rancher is building a straight fence by stringing wires together, between posts twenty-five meters apart. If the fence is 100 meters long how many posts should the rancher use?

Ans: Five

2. Which of the five is least like the other four: A. Copper. B. Iron. C. Brass. D. Lead?

Ans: Brass

3. If you rearrange the following letters “PETJIRU” you’ll get the name of a:
 A. Country.
 B. Ocean.
 C. Planet.
 D. Animal.
 E. City.

Ans: Planet

4. Answer in ten seconds: Could David’s grandmother’s daughter be David’s grandmother?

Ans: Yes

5. Complete the series: 5,7,10,14,_,_.

Ans: 19, 25

6) If 950 is shared between musa and idris at ratio 3:5 how much idris get?

Ans: 593.75

7) 7+2/15+3/4+7/4 get d ans in decimal

Ans: 1.975

8) What is the least fraction between 9/19, 8/18, 5/9, 8/26

Ans: 8/26

9) The age of the girls in a class are 15,12,13,11 what is their median age?

Ans: 12.5

10) If a clock is at 11oclock it is at what degree

Under Current Affairs:

1. Who is hosting 2014 soccer world cup. 

Ans: Brazil

2. Who is d senate president and speaker of house of reps.

Ans: David mark and Tambuwal

3. How many senators and house of reps do we have.

Ans: 108 and 360

4. Chair person of African union?

Ans: Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn

5. DG of NIMC.

Ans: Chris Onyemenam

6. What is the former name of NIMC.

Ans: Department of National Civic Registration (DNCR)

7. The athletes with d highest medals in Olympic history?

Ans: Michael Phelps

It was also gatheres that after the test, candidates are to undergo verification using a valid ID such as drivers licenses, international passport, etc some centers also did biometric verification.

We wish you good luck in your aptitude test!

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