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Can Two WAEC Results Be Combined For Admission? [Answered]

Can you combine two WAEC results for admission into Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges in Nigeria? This is one answer that has been asked over and over again by admission seekers.

Admission seekers into Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges want to know if combination of two WAEC results is allowed. Many of them probably know that you can combine WAEC and NECO results.

Combine 2 WAEC Results

However, they are not very sure if you can combine a WAEC May/June with another one. Some even wonder if you can combine WAEC May/June and WAEC GCE results. You can click any of the links to read more about those topics.

So, Can Two WAEC Results Be Combined?

The answer is yes! You can combine two WAEC result for admission. 

Note that any tertiary institution which accept two sittings for admission will as well accept combination of Two WAEC Result. They usually state “5 or 6 credit passes at not more than two sitting” in their admission requirements.

Most universities requires passing 5 Credit in O-Level result at one Sitting but usually ask for 6 Credits at two sittings. These credits must be in subjects in relevant areas to the course of study. Mathematics and English are usually compulsory. It is now left to you to confirm from the latest JAMB brochure if the school you want allows two sittings.

It would however interest you to know that there are universities which accept ordinary pass (D7 and E8) in mathematics for admission into some courses. So also are there universities which accept pass in English.

We hope we have been able to answer your questions.

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