Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) Students Reject School Fees Increase

Students of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state have turned to the social media to lament what they termed “the outrageous increase in their fees for the 2013/2014 academic session”. They added that their school fees has been increased by over 40%.

The students got a notice on Monday August 12th, 2013 informing them of the increase in their school fees.

They gave the example of Engineering and Law students who paid N695,000 last semester will now have to pay N1,095,000 this semester, N695,000 for social and management college and sciences, N1, 200 000 for medicine students. Some fees went from N755,000 to N 1,245,000 and so on.

Below is a screenshot of New Afe Babalola University, ABUAD School fees for 2013/2014 session in Tabular Form:

Afe Babalola New School Fees

Here is an example of BBM Broadcasts made by students of ABUAD to circulate the message:

Please let us not go back to school until they reduce the school fees!! Pass this on people..let us protect our parents. If you are not from ABUAD, please pass it on. 49% increase on the school fees is not a joking matter!!

Some of them are saying the school will not resume until the fees are reversed.

Take a look at the new fees by following the link below:

Afe Babalola University New School Fees Regime – PDF Download

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    It is no news that some Nigerians are the bedrock of greed itself. Greed to sow where they have no seeds, greed to rip people of their hard earned sweat, greed to charge indiscriminately for services they cannot provide, greed to take what belongs to the general public for themselves, greed to let the poor become poorer while they divert millions to off-shore accounts. It comes in many shades and colours but this is a new face of the demon being birth in Afe Babalola University, and their maxims are proverbs of ashes and defences are defences of clay. These facts are strictly my opinion derived first hand as a student of ABUAD, I do not intend to disrepute (if any repute exists) the school in any way but am merely exercising my freedom of expression as an aggrieved student and Nigerian who intends to make good use of my rights to kill this evil.
    Its one thing to challenge convention and be determined to change the way things are done in Nigeria, its another thing to parade your agenda for change in the educational sector by setting up a private school and use it as a means to rip off innocent parents who are desperate to give their children a better education than they had. Like the old sage goes ‘‘it’s only the hypocritical vulture that will say he does not eat carcass’’.
    The school parades itself as a philanthropy giving back to the society, but I stand to be corrected as to what is philanthropical in constant increase of fees and poorer provision of services. A school that is more about making money and popular eye service, than giving quality education and engraining the right values in its students.
    You might ignorantly open your cavity and say that it’s a private school and we are complaining about what we bargained for it. Well that just puts you within the bracket of eternal greed. Ask yourself this question; do the rich also cry? Is it right to rip off any hard working Nigerian (rich or poor)?
    It is not the criminals, smugglers and other recidivist that will sink the ship called Nigeria that we should fear; it is those individuals who wear suits, carry brief cases, pens and carry out their criminal operations just with a pen that we should fear the most.
    ABUAD is leading a trail in this regard. School fees are constantly on the rise as if aimed to defy the force of gravity, internet services that students pay thousands for is a complete sham, health services that students pay for is a disgrace to the medical profession. I leave you to be the judge of this menace that has persisted in ABUAD. They thrive to make sure that parents do not have a incline of what the real truth, no wonder food becomes cheaper during matriculation and founders week, no wonder they put PTA meetings on week days, because it is obvious that parents who are working very hard will not want to leave their jobs for a PTA meeting, no wonder the so called PTA takes decisions without even a quorum of parents, no wonder parents are not allowed into the hostels because they will not believe their eyes. As the old sage goes ‘‘you cannot shave a mans head in his absence’’, well I guess to every rule and spectrum there are exceptions.
    Afe Babalola University had better come out and give us justifiable reasons why this indiscriminate increase has been made in school fees? Why parents should agree to be ripped off their hard earned sweat without reason and cause? Which amenities have they put in place? Which aspect of this defines philanthropy? A school that parades itself as a non profit making venture, lies to the public and to parents and they come around to spit in their faces with celebration of spite and malevolence.
    It’s high time the appropriate bodies that regulate and oversee the affairs come to check this nuisance that Afe Babalola University is creating of itself and to ensure that individuals are not criminally over charged for services that they cannot provide.
    I hope something is done quickly to avert the bane of greed masquerading as philanthropy.
    Parents had better follow their wards to school on resumption to sincerely challenge this menace unless it will continue without end.
    As much as ABUAD remains my alma mater, the fact remains that what ever is repugnant to equity, good conscience and natural justice has to be done away with.


    1. Well, I have no option than to approve this comment. It’s even more than the main article. Thanks for sharing that with us. If all that you said are true like you claim they are, then it makes one lose hope in this Country.

  2. Afe babalola who is askin students 2 pay dis kinda fees,did he pay half of dat durin is days in skul. D most annoying tin is dat dis students are payin 4 wot dey are don’t get,is it d leakin rooms or d no water,no lite,or d expensive tuck shops,or d way dey force dem 2 buy tie,scarfs,cufflinks,t-shirts.fez cap. Dis man is greedy. Nd may God help d students nd parents

  3. In line with the protest of students against the increase in fees, the school has finally done a widows mite reduction which is well received. thanks for posting and helping us get their attention.

  4. I strongly disagree that the reduction of the school fees shouldbe left without a cry. We have been disgraced, they have made us to look like fools by reducing the fees by so little. We already have enough trouble going on within the school, let this not be an added one.

  5. Aare afe babalola is a disgrace to mankind, Ђσω can U ask student to pay such school fees and u will go Out and inform the public ur school is non profit making institution. ABUAD student just bring enough money this session cos the stupid wife of afe babalola the controller of ABUAD ventures, †ђξ woman behind high price of goods and services. You can imaging if mobile airtime seller is to #150,000 , tuckshop,barber,hairdresser to pay #250,000 each Fø̲̣̣я 7month then recharge card will be #150,250 and pure water #50,lacasera #250, to barb na# 1500 and girls na #5000. †ђξ so-called yeye aare modupe Babalola is wicked and she is not a mother. This info are real ooooooo

  6. i took part in the post utme exam of abuad which i wrote on the 5th of july 2014 so now how do i check my result

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