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Category: NYSC Latest News

Check NYSC Portal section for all the latest news from Hence, you get all fresh updates about NYSC online registration, mobilization, timetable and senate lists of all institutions.

Here, you also get NYSC call-up letter updates, items you must take to the camp, passing out parade (PoP) and orientation camp opening dates. All these and many more are what you will get on this NYSC portal.

It is also worth noting that all these news are for both Batch A and Batch B (Stream 1 and 2) going for NYSC.

Some NYSC Portal Quick Links |

These are the important and most popular links you would need if you are anticipating news from NYSC. Furthermore, most of these news from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) come from three websites –, and We make everything available here.

Therefore, on this our own NYSC portal, you will get access to all NYSC news in one place.

  1. NYSC Online Registration Procedure & Requirements (All Batches)
  2. NYSC Call-Up Letter Printing for all Batches
  3. Things To Take To NYSC Orientation Camp – Daily Needs
  4. NYSC Senate List of all Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges
  5. NYSC Mobilization Timetable for next Batch
  6. How To Correct Date of Birth and Course of Study on NYSC Portal
  7. NYSC Anthem MP3 Download
  8. NYSC Exclusion Certificate Printing (Part-time Graduates)
  9. JAMB Regularization for Youth Service Mobilization


These are some of the top links anyone interested in the National Youth Service Corps would be interested in.

As said earlier, these are the important links. Below this line, you will find all the latest news from the NYSC websites.

Finally, we hope you find all the top articles above and those below this paragraph very useful. Check latest news below.