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Federal Poly Idah Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 Session

Federal Polytechnic Idah Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 academic session for students have been released by the authorities of the Polytechnic.

All students of Federal Polytechnic Idah are to be guided by the released academic calendar. It contains the schedule of major academic events for first and second semesters of the 2018/2019 academic session.

Federal Polytechnic Idah Academic Calendar

Federal Poly Idah Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 Academic Session

Below is the approved official Idah Poly Academic Calendar;



  • Saturday, 01/12/2018 – Arrival of new students/commencement of 2018/2019 Academic session.
  • Monday, 03/12/2018 – Commencement of registration of new students
  • Thursday, 6/12/2018 – Friday,7/12/2018 – School Boards meet to consider Second Semester Main/carryover Examination results (2017/2018)
  • Thursday, 10/12/2018 – Friday, 14/12/2018. – Academic Board meets to consider Second Semester main/carryover Examination results (2017/2018).


  • Saturday, 05/01/2019 Arrival of returning Students (Excluding SIWES Students).
  • Monday, 07/01/2019 – Registration of returning Students begin (Excluding SIWES Students).
  • Monday, 14/01/2019 – Commencement of Lectures for all Student (Excluding SIWES Students).
  • Friday, 25/01/2019 – Registration of new students end.
  • Monday, 28/01/2019 – Late registration begins for new students.


  • Friday, 01/02/2019 – Registration of returning students end (Excluding SIWES Students).
  • Monday, 04/02/2019 – Late registration begins for returning students (Excluding SIWES Students).
  • Wednesday, 06/02/2019 – Friday, 08/02/2019 – Orientation for new students (Lecture free for new students only)
  • Saturday, 09/02/2019 – Matriculation of new students
    Saturday, 16/02/2019 – Arrival of SIWES students
  • Monday, 18/02/2019 – Commencement of registration of SIWES students.
  • Monday, 25/02/2019 – Commencement of Lectures for SIWES Students.
  • Thursday, 28/02/2019 – End of Late Registration for both new and returning students (Excluding SIWES Students).

MARCH, 2019

  • Friday, 08/03/2019 – Registration for SIWES students end.
  • Monday, 11/03/2019 – Late Registration begins for SIWES students.
  • Friday, 15/03/2019 Submission of first continuous Assessment scores (Excluding SIWES students).
  • Friday, 22/03/2019 – End of Late Registration for SIWES Students.
  • Friday, 29/03/2019 – Submission of first continuous Assessment scores for SIWES Students.

APRIL, 2019

  • Friday, 12/04/2019- Submission of Second Continuous Assessment.

Also see the Federal Polytechnic Idah School Fees.

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